40 Spins Around the Sun

In less than 12 hours I will enter a new decade of my life.

A few years ago, I may have thought about this differently – “I need to knock off things on my checklist of life” – and been worried that some things I haven’t yet accomplished aren’t on my personal ledger.

There’s a weird amount of pressure applied on milestone birthdays. Like you’re supposed to treat them differently than a birthday ending in a “7” for example. It’s just a round number. Like 300 home runs is better than 299? It’s just one more home run and that is not going to make or break your case on how you are remembered as a player.

It makes for kitchy items like a 40 Under 40 list, or an “Over the Hill” themed birthday party. First off, those 40 Under 40 lists are complete garbage (and usually political in nature, or paid for by the people on them), and if I am about to be over the hill, then damn, I’m excited to see what’s on the other side.

So as I sit here sipping on an Old Fashioned and counting down the hours until my age tells me I’m older than I actually feel and act, I got reflective and thought about the last 10 years of my life.

A quick look at the last 10 years:

  • I became a father. Twice!
    • Thus, this blog. You’re welcome. Or – I’m sorry, depending on how you read this.
  • I bought my first house – and sold my first house – and bought another.
  • I moved out of state, and am living out of California for the first time in my life. Do I like this? Not necessarily, but I did it.
  • I hiked the highest mountain in the United States (continental)
  • I hiked to the top of one of the most iconic mountains in the world
  • I changed the entire course of my career, moving out of sports-related work and then …
    • Into higher-ed, where I built an entire organization’s communications department
    • Into consumer-packaged goods where I did the same thing, won a few awards, became a company spokesperson for a multi-million dollar brand, and also started a few programs that changed two communities
    • I moved into tech, working for one of the world’s most-loved and trusted companies. After a couple of years and a couple of global roles, I am now trusted to write for one of the world’s most recognized and respected leaders, at one of the world’s largest companies.
      • (This still seems surreal to me.)
    • I gained 1 pound. Seriously. In 10 years.
    • I am now able to lift more weight when I go to the gym than I ever have before.
    • I started an annual tradition with two of my friends and it has taken us to parts of the country, and football stadiums, I never thought I’d go to. And I love it.
    • I lost my last grandparents – my grandmothers – and just hope my daughters can be kind of like them. They were both wonderful, wonderful women.
    • I lost some friends, but gained many others. Such is life – one door closes and another opens. You’ve just got to walk through it.
    • I checked off numerous states and countries on my list. Of note: Thailand, India, China, Japan, Czech Republic, Ireland, Colombia, Hong Kong, and South Carolina.

And, there’s so much more. And I’m excited to see what kind of list I can put together over the next 10 years. And, I’m thrilled to see how my kids will grow over the next decade. As well as myself.

So here’s  to 40 years on this adventure. We only get one spin on this rock, so let’s make it worth it. I’m trying to. Hope you are too. Cheers.

One comment

  1. To many more trips around the sun. You have made the first 40 noteworthy, exciting and filled with your zest for life and shared with so many!
    Enjoy that last cocktail of your 30s and to many more amazing times in the years ahead!

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