Direct Messaging

If I am being honest, I’m not the most diplomatic person you know. I fall more into the “tell it like it is” category that a lot of people claim they want … until they receive those types of comments. And then come the “you should try to be more tactful in your approach.”

Good grief.

151006_natalieramo_illustration-childargument-crop-promo-xlarge22It’s one thing to just deliver the cold, hard truth all the time. That, I assure you, I don’t do. It’s a direct style that I have, but I also understand at this stage in my life you can’t always be honest to all of the people all of the time.

So, there is some dexterity involved in delivering any sort of info. I just don’t want people to be confused by what I’m trying to say.

My child, on the other hand, hasn’t learned how to be cagey just yet. She is just direct. All areas, all the time.

Which is nice because I finally can be fully direct to someone and not worry about mincing words.

I can ask her a question – “Ella, can you please pick up your toys?” – and she may retort with “I don’t want to.”

That doesn’t really go over well, however I do admire her straight talk.

She operates in a black and white world littered with “yes” and “no” where a maybe doesn’t have any meaning just yet and there is little room to work in the grey areas.

This nearly three-year-old operates in one shade of black and one shade of white. The rest of us are trying to work through 50 Shades of Grey. (Not literally, although it did take some work to make it through that movie … and, I suppose, literally if you have a dungeon in your house with whips and whatnot … I digress.)

It’s quite charming, actually, to know you’re getting full authenticity at all times from this miniature human. Her happiness is as transparent as any sadness. And they are so simple – sadness can come from me telling her “no” and happiness from a “yes.” It’s that level of direct communication that I aim for with everyone and really receive it back at 100% from this child.

dm_180956119672_640x360_111607372289_640x360As Twitter, or other social media platforms have “direct messaging” there is no better direct messaging than talking to a child. That’s as direct as it gets. I’d like to see the next app call direct messaging something like “Toddler Talk” or something. Only a certain subset of people – and mostly those not using new social media apps – would get. And this is why I haven’t struck it rich with an app.

Sure, it can be taxing to get told “No, Daddy” when a simple request to finish dinner is not met. But that’s more for nutrition and food waste – way out of her realm of thinking if we can’t even deliver a maybe at this stage – than her responses.


A child’s world is not comfortable for a 6-foot-1 man; the chairs are painfully small, the toys are impossibly tiny to play with, not much allows an adult to really get that full interaction. And, yet, during some conversations, I really enjoy entering that child’s world.

It’s real, authentic and it’s something we should all revel in, if only for a moment.

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