Home Alone

My wife is gone – across the country on what’s becoming an annual trip. That leaves me home alone with my daughter.

Oddly enough, I have been looking forward to this weekend.

Mrs. So This is Fatherhood doesn’t travel often, whereas I am gone about once a month for work. I am getting the different end of the bargain – most of my travel is over weekdays where my wife is able to dump the kid at daycare.

In the past, I would be freaking the eff out because how can I possibly entertain a two-year-old for 48 hours until Monday arrives?

Yup, I can imagine something like this happening ... and I am looking forward to it!
Yup, I can imagine something like this happening … and I am looking forward to it!

Last year when this occurred I had a friend over for part of it – almost like reinforcements.

This year, I made no calls. Set up no time for people to visit.

I wanted to spend the entire weekend with my kid.

When did I become this doting dad? Am I nuts?

No. My kiddo has actually become quite fun. Before she was a mess of a one-year-old, barely walking and needing constant attention, almost like caring for an invalid.

Now, she has a personality as bright as any star in the sky and is able to entertain herself for 20 minutes or so before needing attention. That allows me a little bit of the comfort of a weekend without the hovering.

Plus… I get to influence her without any real adult supervision. Let’s face it, I still get a kick out of childhood things – maybe it’s good memories. Maybe I’m young at heart. Video games and dorky comedy movies can still capture my attention.

For instance, as she is potty training, I taught her that going poo-poo can also be called “taking a growler.” She has taken to that.

She already knows a lot of my white person dance moves, so we will have dance parties. I’ll plan on teaching her the white man overbite this weekend, too.

I signed us up for swim lessons today. Why? Because it’s something we’ve been meaning to do and without a full amount of parent errands, I figured why not.

Tomorrow, we’ll go to the beach.

She asks me to turn on baseball. And really, other than getting me a cold beer, what else could I ask for from a daughter?

We’ll also go to the park and I plan on buying her either a toddler basketball hoop or golf set. She’d love that.

We’ll got on “nature walks” which is just a stroll around the neighborhood, but I encourage her to pick up leaves, touch trees, smell flowers and play with ants. Nature! Goulet! 

I’ll take her on runs with me and I’ll probably give her too much ice cream tonight.

We have already watched a half-hour of Spongebob Squarepants, which is a first. Any cartoon but Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Caillou is certainly a win these days.

Tomorrow after church, we’re going to get donuts.

It’s like I’m the absent father who needs to overwhelm his child so she knows how much he loves her. Except that she already knows that.

We have a great connection already. Which is why I’m happy to be home alone with her right now.

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