Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super BowlSurely, by now, you have your plans in place for Super Bowl Sunday.

You know that you’re going to be eating and drinking and being merry.

But now you can be the star of your Super Bowl party without bringing over the best beer or the tastiest entree.

A great way to keep everyone’s interest in the game is to put money on it. Yet, some people might not know the ins and outs of football. They’re there because it’s a party and they want to have a good time. The good news is that there are numerous “prop bets” you can share with your friends for the Big Game – things like how long the National Anthem will be, or what color will the Gatorade poured on the winning coach is?

I created a PDF with prop bets I will be taking to my Super Bowl party. The total adds up to 100, the recommend entry fee is $5 (although if you’re a high roller, make the stakes higher). Print out as many of these as you need (there are four per page right now) by clicking on this link for a PDF: PropBets

And … have fun!

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