Dad Blogger’s in the Spotlight

It’s been difficult for me to write lately. I don’t have as much free time and it’s hard to try and fill up a blank canvas when all you want to do is turn your brain off.

(Well, Matt, some would say your brain is usually turned off. Ha ha, voice in my head … Shut up.)

It’s also been difficult lately to be involved in this Dad Blogger community I am part of (see the green button on the right hand side of the page). Right now, they are flocking to New Orleans for the Dad 2.0 Summit. In fact, it’s all anyone in this little community has been talking about for the last month. And probably for the next month.

I’m not there. I can’t justify that trip right now. For many reasons.

But what I can do is shine the spotlight on a Dad Blogger who is there right now.

Lorne Jaffe and his daughter, Sienna
Lorne Jaffe and his daughter, Sienna

His name is Lorne Jaffe and I’ve never met him. We are Facebook friends and we’ve emailed a few times and we both read each other’s sites, but we’ve never shaken hands. I don’t know his eye color and he doesn’t know my laugh. Yet, somehow, through this Dad Blogging community we’ve bonded.

Lorne writes at and I remember when I first came across one of his posts via the Dad Blogging communal we share. It struck me as being so honest, free of the snark of the normal writers, and a real look at someone trying to define his fatherhood.

You see, Lorne battles depression. And he struggles with anxiety. He sees a therapist about this, but that can only do so much. The largest light of Lorne’s life is his daughter, Sienna, and his wife, Elaine.

We bonded somehow – maybe it was because we each have a daughter – but our writing styles are completely different. I look for laughter in my honesty. Lorne looks for light in his.

There are featured speakers at this Dad 2.0 Summit. The godfathers of Dad Blogging, so to speak. One day I plan on being on that podium. Hell, I wrote for a living and when I was a Major League Baseball beat writer at 25, I was the youngest full-time guy in the Baseball Writer’s Association of America. I have awards proving I can write. I’m just trying to find my voice in a different forum.

During this conference, there are a select few – only five – dad bloggers who are asked to read from their blogs. These are the chosen few. The ones who are not there to speak about how to make money or how to craft stories or how to reach a larger audience. These are the ones who are there on their writing merit alone.

Lorne was one of the five asked to read from his blog this year. That is an honor among honors.

It also, for Lorne, is a horror among horrors. He has been stressing about it since the moment his phone rang. And, yet, this weekend, he will get up in front of a packed room and do something that very few in history have done. He will open his heart and his soul to people he’s never met. It’s like blogging, but without the safety of a computer screen. When he’s done he has to look into the eyes of the people he just addressed and he has to actually see their reactions.

I wish I were there. Not for the New Orleans part of it – I did that this summer for my friend’s bachelor party – but to shake Lorne’s hand. To tell him congratulations and that he has one of the best blogs I’ve read. Ever.

Why? Because people like you and me don’t often get to go inside the head of what Lorne deals with on an everyday basis … while trying to raise a child. Yet, it’s there for all the world to read.

And while I would never purposely steer someone away from what I’m writing, I urge you to bookmark and read what Lorne writes. You’ll smile. You’ll cry. You’ll appreciate him and the love he has for his daughter. You’ll appreciate a different view of life.

And you’ll leave feeling like you know the man without having shook his hand.


  1. I was so happy to get to meet him face to face. And talk about anxiety and more. He’s getting a lot of accolades this weekend. He’s looked fairly stunned, but I’ve seen him smiling and laughing too …

    • So glad you got to meet him. Certainly I hope I do at some point – as well as you and many others who I’ve come to know through this Dad Blogger community. I’m sure you had fun in Nola and I hope to read about your adventures!

  2. So glad you got to meet Lorne—and to those of you who haven’t yet met him—it will be worth the wait! You see, Lorne has been one of my son’s best friends and the best man at his and my daughter-in-law’s wedding. What he writes about is truly from his heart and soul. He has run the “emotional marathon” and has overcome so much. Those of us who have been lucky enough to be in his life since childhood are in awe of the obstacles he has surmounted. He is a wonderful friend and a great father to Sienna and loving husband to Elaine. Thank you, Matt,
    for your wonderful comments about his writing ability. With your help(Dad’s 2.0), he will truly realize what a creative and talented person he is!!

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